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What would the beauty world be without the best beauty blogs? While makeup and skincare blogs launch all the time, we continue to go back to certain experts over and over. Here I am with 10 Must-Follow Skincare Blogs for Girls.

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Ruth Crilly:

Ruth Crilly is a fashion model. She started writing blog in 2010. She writes regularly about beauty and fashion. She is also co-founder of the Colab Dry Shampoo brand, which is now stocked worldwide and has won some great industry awards. I really love her all blogs and fashion sense.


Really Ree the blog is all about beauty and style and the things I love. She started her blog  in 2010. I love her because she is obsessed with beauty and discovering new products. Not only that she also loves to share her experience with us.


Jane Cunningham:

Jane Cunningham is a founder of  she has written 4 beauty books over the years and never want to write another! She started as a place for Jane to write about the things that she couldn’t include in the magazines, including truly honest experiences with products.

Tia Ward:

Tia Ward was born in England on January 19, 1989. She is best known for being a Blogger. She has a blogging website called . The heterochromia-afflicted social media star has gained a monumental following of more than 100,000 fans on just her Instagram account.


Lesley Buckle

Digital influencer and blogger who’s known as the founder of the fashion, beauty, and natural hair blog . She started blogging when she began her natural hair journey in August 2010. Originally a hair journal, this blog is now an indulgent mix of beauty and fashion chatter. I often follow her blog for my hair problem solution.


The Sunday Girl: is a website solely dedicated to beauty – the products we use, love, adore, sometimes abhor, complete with the stories and people behind them. The website, the website began way back in 2011 by Adrienne Söndag, The website has now grown roots in the UK and NYC.  She is a make-up junkie guide to all things cosmetic, beauty, hair, and nail related.


Kabuki Rune:

Kabuki Rune is a Cruelty-Free Beauty, Makeup, Lifestyle blog focusing mainly on Makeup and Beauty products. I love her because she always provides honest reviews for her followers. In her blog, she shares honest and unbiased reviews, recommendations, and suggestions for Beauty & Makeup find. She uses to manage a blogging website called


The Beauty Look Book:  blog is dedicated to reviewing mid to high-end luxury beauty products including cosmetics, fragrances, home scents, skincare, and body care with some lifestyle elements mixed in. Her blog focuses primarily on product reviews including swatches, product comparisons, and personal thoughts on what she has tested.


 Hayley Hall:

Hayley Hall worked in the beauty industry for the past seven years. She also maintains a blogging  website about hair care, skincare, and cosmetics. I love her because she shares her successes and failures, answer questions, provide tips and tricks.


Latest in Beauty:  is the site that lets you discover new and exciting beauty products as well as classic beauty favorites for a fraction of their normal retail price! She writes her blog for all type of skin products and hair problem solution.


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Writer:  Morium Mostary Liza (Content writer Carnesia)

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